Another way to preserve our Cultural Heritage, is by embracing the arts, as a material culture and uplifting its form form, beauty and honour, in our daily lives.”

Working with craftsman and Artisan from east to west of Indonesia’s Archipelago, Lucy’s Batik presents and showcases their dedication in preserving Indonesian Heritage and continuing crafts and art in their own culture traditions.



What we do ?

        Lucy’s Batik, collects handicrafts and art from all over Indonesia, from Batik, Ikat, Basket Weavings, Silver Smithed Jewelry, Wood crafts and many more. In forms of fashion, home decor and furnishing, accessories and as an art itself, these Indonesian crafts are transformed into more than an artifact of cultural preservation and heritage.

       Other than retailing Indonesian arts and crafts, we held educational and lifestyle events and resources such as: Batik and Indonesian Crafts Workshops, Seminars, Forums, Gallery shows and many others.


Our Mission & Vision

    Through retailing Indonesian crafts and arts, we hope to raise awareness in preserving our culture, promoting sustainable lifestyle and products, and last but not least to support Indonesian Artisans and Craftsman's work and dedication. 

  1. Cultural Preservation

  2. Sustainability 

  3. The Craftsman Story 

We hope through what we do, we are able to accomplish our hopes and dreams for a better Indonesia.                        




        Anyone and organizations can contribute and collaborate with us through various ways, you can be our designer, sponsor, event organizer, International retailer and many more. Here are some of our dearest and dedicated collaborators.


To collaborate and know more how you can work together with us contact our email at